Bridge Fears and Anxieties: Coping with Phobias in the Aftermath of a Bridge Collapse

Common Diagnosis of Bridge Phobia Recognized by Mental Health Expert

Fear of crossing bridges is a common phobia, and recent events have only heightened this anxiety for some individuals. The Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse in Baltimore, caused by a ship crash, has left many people feeling vulnerable and scared. According to mental health therapist Jay Powell, this fear is not uncommon and can trigger confirmation anxiety when witnessing such an event. To cope with these symptoms, Powell suggests focusing on a local point or listening to music.

In Jacksonville, residents share their thoughts on traveling across bridges in the city. While some like Neil Weinreb feel anxious about high bridges like the Dames Point Bridge, others like Bernard Tebo express concern about maritime traffic potentially hitting them. Despite these fears, most believe that the bridges in Jacksonville are well-inspected and reasonably safe for travel.

The recent bridge collapse has brought attention to the importance of bridge safety and inspection. Mental health therapists like Jay Powell remind us that while rare occurrences, bridge collapses can be devastating and leave a lasting impact on those affected by them. It’s crucial to prioritize safety measures and seek support if you or someone you know is struggling with geophobia or any other phobias related to traveling across bridges.

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