Broncos Fans: Ranked as Top 5 Guard in NFL by Pro Football Focus; Meinerz Recognized for Versatility and Low Pressure Rate.

Quinn Meinerz of the Broncos ranked as the 5th-best guard in the NFL

Recently, Pro Football Focus ranked Quinn Meinerz of the Denver Broncos as the fifth best guard in the NFL. This ranking comes at a time when there have been various rankings surrounding the Broncos in the offseason. Head coach Sean Payton was ranked 16th on Touchdown Wire’s list of top head coaches, while the Broncos’ roster was ranked last by PFF. However, Meinerz’s recognition as a top-five guard should provide some relief to Broncos fans as they can trust in his ability to protect the quarterback.

According to Thomas Valentine of Pro Football Focus, Meinerz played in all 17 regular-season games in the 2023 season and earned an impressive 83.7 PFF overall grade, which was the third-best among guards. Over the past two seasons, Meinerz has shown improvement in his overall grade and is establishing himself as one of the top guards in the league. His low pressure rate of 3.8% ranked 14th in the NFL, while his outstanding run-blocking grade of 88.7 was second in the league. Meinerz’s versatility in both run-blocking and pass protection sets him apart as a dominant force on the offensive line.

As he enters into his fourth season with the team, Meinerz will play a crucial role in protecting whoever becomes their new starting quarterback under Sean Payton for their upcoming season (whether it be Bo Nix, Jarrett Stidham or Zach Wilson). With Meinerz anchoring down their offensive line, Broncos fans can have confidence that their new quarterback will have solid protection throughout this season

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