Chasing the Sun: A Visual Journey through Time with Solargraph Cameras

Capturing the Sun’s Path: Exploring the Art, Science, and Chaos of Solargraphy

Solargraph cameras are a fascinating way to capture the changing sky conditions and movements of the Sun over time. These cameras consist of black and white photographic paper sealed inside a cylinder with a tiny pin hole drilled into the side. They are then placed in a secure location where they remain undisturbed for days, weeks, or even months at a time. The duration for which the camera is left to record is at the discretion of the photographer, who may choose to capture as little as one day or an entire season.

According to experts, the ideal period of time for a solargraph camera to record is from solstice to solstice. This is when the Sun’s movement across the sky is most visible, resulting in unique lines of exposure being traced across the image for each day recorded by the camera. To ensure that these cameras are not stolen or damaged, it’s important to choose a location carefully and position them facing south.

In 2023, three solargraph cameras were installed on the roof of The Weather Network in Oakville, ON between June 21 and December 21. To minimize reflections, these cameras were painted black inside and out. Positioned facing south, they were set up to track the Sun’s movement across

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