China’s Economy: Uncertainty and Opportunity at the Third Plenum of the 20th Central Committee

Xi’s Ambition: China’s Economy Must Expand Further

In the coming months, China will hold its third plenary session of the 20th Central Committee. This meeting, which takes place after several delays, is typically associated with significant economic reforms or policy announcements. The postponement of the Third Plenum in 2023 raised questions about the Chinese Communist Party’s unity under President Xi Jinping concerning economic policy. The uncertainty arose following the lackluster performance of the Chinese economy after the lifting of Xi’s “Zero Covid” policy in late 2022.

As it stands, there are conflicting views on China’s economy in the media outside of China. Some perspectives highlight the structural issues and policy missteps that have plagued Xi’s administration, such as low economic growth, high unemployment, weak consumption, demographic challenges, and a lack of confidence in the future. Other viewpoints emphasize China’s successes in manufacturing, especially in sectors like solar and electric vehicles, achieved through industrial policy and state-led development.

Despite these differences in perspective, both narratives mention crucial elements connecting the negative and positive aspects of China’s economy – overcapacity and export surpluses. The country’s reliance on export-driven manufacturing due to a lack of domestic consumption indicates a need for a shift in economic policy.

In conclusion, while there may be differing opinions on China’s political economy challenges and successes, it is clear that overcapacity and export surpluses are key factors that must be addressed to ensure sustainable growth for the country’s future.

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