Democratic Party Secretariat Urges Elly Schlein to Run for European Elections

Schlein confirms unity approach and prepares for European election candidacy

The European elections are now in full swing, and the lists of candidates will soon be finalized. Secretary Schlein has outlined a unitary approach that will be taken in the campaign, focusing on unity rather than supporting individual candidates. This is similar to the approach seen in the regional elections.

One of the key factors being considered in this election is the potential candidacy of Secretary Elly Schlein. The Democratic Party’s general staff has been advocating for her to run, believing that her presence could boost their success in the European Parliament elections. There is also a need to ensure the safety of all candidates as they wait for their placements on the lists, as starting position can have a significant impact on their campaigns.

Following a meeting at Nazarene, it was reported that all members of the Democratic Party secretariat have asked Elly Schlein to run for European elections. Various options have been proposed, and Schlein will take time to consider before making a decision. In terms of potential candidates, names such as Emanuele Fiano, Giorgio Gori, and Pierfrancesco Maran are expected to run in North West constituency while Nicola Zingaretti, Dario Nardella and Camilla Laureti are expected to contest Center constituency. Outside personalities such as Marco Tarquinio and Lucia Annunziata are also being considered for leadership positions in different constituencies.

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