Disaster Resilience in the Age of Climate Change: Three Reports Offer Essential Guidance for Decision-Makers and Practitioners

New Reports on Disaster Resilience Investments in Europe Released by EU and World Bank

The European Commission and the World Bank recently released three reports that offer valuable insights into investing in disaster resilience, adapting to climate change, and the financial impact of wildfires and droughts. These reports were funded by the European Commission and provide guidance to decision-makers and practitioners on how to enhance disaster and climate resilience in essential sectors, including emergency response services.

The first report focuses on critical infrastructure and services, highlighting the various hazards they face, such as flooding, wildfires, earthquakes, and landslides. It recommends prioritizing investments in these areas to improve their resilience against future disasters.

The second report provides a new perspective on the costs associated with adapting to the effects of climate change. It emphasizes the need for increased investments in climate adaptation strategies across Europe to mitigate the negative impact of global warming on our communities.

The third report delves into the financial implications of wildfires and droughts, providing an initial assessment of the funding gap that the EU and some of its Member States face in meeting their financial requirements for addressing these challenges. This report highlights the importance of investing in disaster preparedness measures to prevent future catastrophes from occurring.

To access these reports, simply download them here [insert link].

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