Discovering the Wonders of Wastewater Treatment: A Field Trip to Licking’s Water Treatment Plant

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Licking’s Wastewater Treatment Plant recently hosted a field trip for Mrs. Candice Shepherd’s fourth grade classes. During the tour, City Utilities employee Derek Hammond shared insightful information about the plant’s tank water capacity and the visible stalactites within it.

The students have been studying watersheds, sinkholes, and drainage systems in their science classes, making this trip an excellent addition to their curriculum. The plant plays a critical role in processing community wastewater and purifying it before it is released back into natural waterways.

Hammond, who holds a B operator’s certification, led the students through the plant and explained the various purification filters and pumps used in the process. The students learned about the three purification methods – chemical, physical, and biological – with Licking’s plant utilizing a 21-day rotation for purification without chemicals.

During the tour, Hammond introduced mist flies in one of the pumping sheds and took time to answer their questions and explain each step of the purifying process. He also emphasized the importance of being mindful of what should not be put into sewer systems, such as personal hygiene products, clothing, and toys.

The final stop on the tour was at Spring Creek beside the treatment plant, where students witnessed firsthand how Licking’s efforts impacted local environmental standards by consistently achieving a 98-99 percent waste removal rate from natural waterways.

Overall, this trip provided an excellent opportunity for Mrs. Candice Shepherd’s fourth grade classes to learn more about how communities work together to protect our environment while also providing practical knowledge that they can apply to their own lives at home or in future careers.

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