Football Takes Over Christmas: NFL Announces Christmas Tripleheader for 2024

Surprise: NFL Games Scheduled for Christmas Day in 2024

The NFL has announced that it will be playing on Christmas in 2024, despite the holiday falling on a Wednesday. This decision comes after multiple reports stated that the league wouldn’t play on Christmas when it landed on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Many people were skeptical about this move, as it seemed unlikely that the NFL would pass up the opportunity to capitalize on a holiday like Christmas. However, it appears that the plan did change and now football will be taking center stage during Christmas time.

The increase in viewership for the NFL’s Christmas tripleheader from 2022 to 2023, which saw a nearly 30 percent rise to 28.7 million viewers, likely influenced this decision. On the other hand, NBA viewership on the same day has been declining. It was clear to many that the NFL would not give up its chance to dominate Christmas sports viewership and expand its presence during the holiday season. With this move, football is becoming a staple of Christmas entertainment and signaling a shift in holiday sports programming.

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