From Quilmes to LinkSolution: Argentina’s Top Places to Work in 2024

Top Companies to Work for in Argentina

In 2024, Great Place to Work® released its annual ranking of the “Best Places to Work in Argentina,” based on the opinions of over 140,000 employees from 350 companies. The ranking is divided into categories based on the number of employees in each company.

In the category of companies with more than 1,000 employees, Cervecería Quilmes was named the top spot. Accenture and Mc Donalds followed closely behind, while other notable companies included Orders Now, Ualá, Cargill, Banco Macro, Molinos, Curtiembre Arlei, and SAP.

In the category of companies with 251 to 1,000 employees, DHL Express took first place. Hilton and AES Servicios America also made it onto this list. Meanwhile in the category of companies with a maximum of 250 employees, LinkSolution secured the top spot. BASE4 Security and Adila Fin & Pay were also recognized for their workplace experiences.

The survey that determines the ranking consists of 60 questions that assess the workplace environment and employee experiences. This year’s rankings were determined through an analysis of these factors.

The awards event was once again hosted in person at the Alvear Icon Hotel in Puerto Madero after being held online previously. The event brought together 500 CEOs and HR representatives from leading companies in Argentina to celebrate the rankings and discuss the importance of creating a great workplace for all employees. GPTW highlighted this year’s importance of fostering a sense of pride among employees which contributes to business success and talent retention.

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