London, Kentucky’s Reed Sheppard: NBA Draft’s Most Exciting Prospect?

Reed Sheppard climbs the rankings in latest NBA Mock Draft by CBS Sports

As the NBA Draft approaches in June, the former Kentucky player Reed Sheppard is gaining attention as one of the most exciting prospects. From London, Kentucky, Sheppard had an impressive freshman season with the Wildcats in 2023-24, averaging 12.5 points, 4.1 rebounds and 4.5 assists per game.

Sheppard’s exceptional shooting ability is what captures the attention of NBA scouts. During his time at Kentucky, he boasted a remarkable 52.1% shooting percentage from beyond the arc. Several mock drafts for the 2024 NBA Draft predict that Sheppard will be selected within the top five picks, with many placing him in the three to five range.

A recent mock draft by Gary Parrish of CBS Sports projected that Sheppard will be the second overall pick by the Washington Wizards. Parrish praised Sheppard’s diverse skill set and ability to score from all over the court, despite concerns about his size. The Wizards, who are in need of talent across the board, are likely drawn to Sheppard’s scoring and playmaking abilities.

While Sheppard’s exact draft position remains uncertain, his shooting and passing abilities have solidified his status as a top prospect in the upcoming NBA Draft. As draft night approaches, it seems evident that Sheppard is poised to make a mark in

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