Midi Health, Neurotrack Join Forces to Ease Brain Fog Concerns for Menopausal Women: Quick and Easy Cognitive Assessments

Midi Health collaborates with Neurotrack to address cognitive issues during menopause

Midi Health, a clinic that specializes in midlife women’s health, has teamed up with Neurotrack, a digital cognitive assessment company. Together, they offer a quick and easy way for women to determine if their brain fog symptoms are related to menopause or could be signs of early dementia.

The partnership between Midi Health and Neurotrack allows clinicians to send patients a three-minute cognitive screening on their smartphone, tablet or computer. Traditional screenings can take up to 20 minutes. If patients receive low scores on the Neurotrack screening, they will be referred to providers for a more detailed evaluation.

Chief Medical Officer Kathleen Jordan emphasizes that while brain fog during menopause is common, it does not necessarily indicate a higher risk of dementia. However, the screening provides reassurance for most women and can help detect early signs of dementia that benefit from early treatment.

Midi Health recently secured $25 million in Series A funding to expand its services nationwide. The clinic has received support from Google Ventures, Operator Collective, Felicis and others. Meanwhile, Neurotrack raised $10 million in 2022 and has partnered with insurance provider Nationwide to simplify the long-term care underwriting process. Their cognitive screening process has significantly reduced the time needed for evaluations, making it more efficient and accessible for patients.

This collaboration between Midi Health and Neurotrack is designed to provide women with peace of mind by helping them understand the root cause of their brain fog symptoms while also providing an opportunity for early detection and treatment of potential dementia cases.

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