MLB Bettors Losing Faith in New York Baseball Teams for 2024 Playoff Chances

Sports bettors show lack of support for Yankees and Mets as 2024 MLB season approaches

The betting public is not optimistic about the New York baseball teams’ chances in the 2024 season. According to data from BetMGM Sportsbook, both the Yankees and Mets are among the most bet teams to miss the playoffs. Despite having strong odds of winning their division, the Yankees have some of the fewest bets placed on them, while the Mets are even bigger long shots.

The Yankees’ win total dropped from 93.5 to 91.5 due to several injuries affecting the team, while the Orioles saw a significant increase in wins from 87.5 to 90.5. However, both teams are still considered strong contenders for the postseason by oddsmakers.

In terms of postseason odds, only the Astros have better odds than the Yankees in the American League. The Yankees and Orioles are dead even in AL East race at +180, with the Yankees being second least bet team to win division. Meanwhile, Mets have a win total of 81.5 after a disappointing 75-win season in 2023 and Vegas bookies consider them long shots to make playoffs and win NL East title.

Overall, both New York baseball teams face challenges going into next year’s season with low win totals and unfavorable odds among bettors, despite having strong odds of winning their divisions.

According to recent data from BetMGM Sportsbook, it appears that neither New York baseball team is currently favored by bettors for success in

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