Moscow Concert Attack Leaves 130 Dead, Russia’s Deadliest Terrorist Attack Since 2004

The timeline of the concert hall attack in Moscow

A Moscow concert attack, carried out by the jihadist organization Isis-K, was the deadliest terrorist attack in Russia since 2004 when Chechen terrorists seized a school in Beslan. Over 130 people were killed when gunmen opened fire in a Moscow concert hall on a Friday. The attack took place during a sold-out gig of the Russian rock band Piknik in the Crocus City Hall.

The attackers arrived in a car and opened fire on the people gathered near the entrance before proceeding to shoot inside the concert hall. As panic and fear spread, the attackers set fire to the seats and building, causing part of the roof to collapse. Emergency calls were made shortly after the attack, and rescue units and National Guard troops arrived quickly to the scene. Later, Russian security services announced that eleven suspects had been arrested, including four believed to have been involved in the attack.

Despite initial reports suggesting that some of those arrested may be Russian citizens, it has since been confirmed that none of them are native to Russia. Not much information has been disclosed about their movements after the attack or how they managed to carry out such a heinous crime. Investigations into this terrorist act are ongoing, but details about their motives and background remain scarce at present.

Russian authorities have condemned this vile act of terrorism and pledged to bring those responsible to justice. They are also working hard to prevent any future attacks from happening in Russia or other parts of Europe.

As we continue our coverage of this story, we will keep you updated with any new developments as they become available.

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