Motorola’s Eco-Friendly Plan Canja Motorola: Upgrade Your Smartphones and Reduce Carbon Footprint

Trade in your used cell phone for discounts up to 500,000 pesos

Motorola has recently launched an innovative program in Argentina called Plan Canja Motorola, in collaboration with insurer Assurant. The aim of this program is to promote the buyback and upgrade of smartphones while also encouraging environmental care. Through this initiative, Motorola aims to give disused equipment a new useful life and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by reconditioning 1,000 pieces of equipment.

The program is open to all users who want to upgrade their smartphones. They can participate in the program by delivering their used devices as part of payment and receive a new smartphone instantly. There are 8 Motorola Flagship Stores and 29 Motorola stores located in major shopping malls across the country where users can take advantage of this benefit.

An advisor will inspect the condition of the equipment being traded in and inform the user of the amount they will receive towards the purchase of a new smartphone. The program applies not only to old Motorola devices but also to select Apple and Samsung devices. The value of the exchange will depend on the model and condition of the device being traded in. Users may also receive an extra discount if they choose a premium segment phone like the Edge and Razr models.

Additional benefits such as interest-free installments and free shipping are also available. Overall, this program aims to provide users with a cost-effective way to upgrade their smartphones while also contributing to environmental sustainability. It encourages users to recycle their old devices and make use of new technology in a more accessible and affordable way.

The launch of Plan Canja Motorola marks Motorola’s commitment to promoting eco-friendly practices while providing customers with high-quality products at competitive prices. With this initiative, Motorola aims to lead by example and inspire other companies to follow suit in promoting sustainable business practices.

In conclusion, Plan Canja Motorola is an excellent opportunity for users looking for an affordable way to upgrade their smartphones while contributing positively towards environmental sustainability. With its various benefits, including interest-free installments, free shipping, discounts on premium models, it’s worth considering for anyone looking for a new smartphone without breaking the bank or harming the environment.

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