NBA’s Betting Scandal Investigation: Can Professional Sports Uphold Integrity with Legalized Sports Betting?

The NBA Faces a New Betting Scandal

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is currently investigating a potential betting scandal that involves betting on basketball games. According to, the NBA is looking into Raptors forward Jontay Porter after multiple instances of betting irregularities.

On January 26, during a game against the Clippers, Porter left the game due to an eye injury and there was an increase in bets on the under for his points, rebounds, assists, and three-pointer props. His under hit in each category. Similarly, on March 20, Porter left a game against the Kings with an illness after only three minutes. Once again, the under hit on his various props. An unnamed source from a sportsbook told that people were trying to bet on Porter props during the game against the Clippers.

Porter has missed Toronto’s last two games for personal reasons. While it may be challenging for one player to influence the outcome of a bet on the final score of a game, individual players can have significant influence on their individual props, especially in regards to hitting the unders. The NFL faced a similar issue during the 2023 season when Falcons running back Bijan Robinson barely played in a game against the Buccaneers due to an illness. The Falcons were fined $75,000 and former Falcons coach Arthur Smith was fined $25,000.

This situation could be just the beginning of a larger issue that may lead to widespread federal regulation of professional and college sports. With 38 states and the District of Columbia legalizing sports betting, it is crucial to maintain the integrity of both the games and the bets being placed

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