New Approach to Evaluating Corporate Impact on Sustainable Development Goals Using Traffic-Light Scoring System and Causal Loop Methodology

A Scientific Approach to Developing Sector-Specific SDG Investment Strategies

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been a focus for private investors for some time now. However, assessing the corporate impact on SDGs is a complex task and current methods lack scientific basis and transparency. In response to this challenge, researchers have introduced an evidence-based approach that allows investors to evaluate the impact of economic sectors on individual SDGs. The authors developed a traffic-light scoring system to assess sector-level impacts on SDGs 1-16.

The initial review conducted by the authors examined the impacts of 81 economic sectors on SDGs. The results showed that environmental SDGs were largely negatively influenced by most economic sectors. Additionally, primary sector activities had the most negative impact on a larger number of SDGs compared to other sectors.

To demonstrate the ripple effects of SDG interactions, the authors utilized Causal Loop methodology in a case study focusing on the agricultural sector. Their research highlighted three key considerations that are crucial for sustainable investment strategies: impact shadows, spillover effects across different SDGs, and the hierarchical nature of the SDGs.

Investors must take into account ‘impact shadows’ which refer to indirect impacts that may not be immediately apparent when evaluating companies’ performance against SDGs. They need to understand spillover effects across different goals as actions in one sector can affect multiple goals in unintended ways.

Lastly, it is important to consider the hierarchical nature of the SDGs when formulating investment strategies to ensure a holistic approach to sustainable development. This means taking into account how progress towards one goal affects others and how they are interconnected.

Overall, this evidence-based approach provides investors with valuable insights into how their investments can contribute towards achieving sustainable development while minimizing negative impacts on society and environment.

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