Podcasting: The Future of Scholarly Communication in the Age of AI and Language Models?

Is a Science Podcast Necessary for Survival? | Science 2.0

Podcasting is being considered as a transformative way of creating and reviewing expert knowledge, with scholars speculating that it could revolutionize the way we view scholarly work. The authors of a new book discuss the historical evolution of scholarly communication norms and explore the potential impact of this new medium on science-related content.

The Science 2.0 movement, which established blogging as a popular platform for sharing information within the cultural sphere, paved the way for podcasting to become the next big trend in scholarly communication. While social media changed the landscape of journalism, it did not necessarily contribute to knowledge creation and scientific peer review. In contrast to pay-to-publish journals, podcasting has been around longer but is now being seen as a transformative way of creating and reviewing expert knowledge.

However, there are limitations to consider when it comes to podcasting. For instance, Google search algorithms will need to adapt to process audio content and establish credibility. Additionally, AI technology can easily generate audio content, posing challenges for listeners who may be more accustomed to reading scientific papers.

As we look towards the future, AI now capable of generating content makes it necessary for creation of a large language model (LLM) to differentiate legitimate scientific research from epidemiology papers linking common chemicals to human diseases. With podcasting potentially being at the beginning of a new era in academic discourse, it will be interesting to see how this medium evolves over time.

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