Portugal’s Parliament Faces Challenges in Electing Its President after Close Legislative Election Results

Portugal’s Parliament Reconvenes to Elect President After Initial Vote Fails

The recent legislative elections in Portugal have left the new parliament facing challenges in electing its president. Despite a close result on March 10, no candidate was able to achieve an absolute majority in the first round of voting. The temporary president of the Assembly of the Republic, communist Antonio Filipe, announced that the session would be postponed until the following day for another attempt.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the election, Filipe lightened the mood by joking that he would not be spending the night at the official residence until the next day. The day’s proceedings began at 10:00 a.m. and concluded after 11:00 p.m., with breaks in between as the parliament sought to elect its leader.

The outcome of the legislative elections had left a tight result, with parties jockeying for power and influence. The leader of Chega party emphasized that they had no intention of forming an agreement with extreme right-wing parties and forming a government coalition. As tensions rose within parliament, various parties scrambled to form alliances and determine their paths for the new legislative term.

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