Preparing for the Total Solar Eclipse: Protecting Eye Health and Ensuring Public Safety in Indianapolis

Health Department giving away eclipse glasses through drive-thru and open house events

The Marion County Public Health Department in Indianapolis is gearing up for the upcoming total solar eclipse by distributing eclipse glasses at various events throughout the city next week. The department’s director, Dr. Virginia A. Caine, emphasized the importance of protecting vision and ensuring the safety of first responders as traffic is expected to increase significantly during the eclipse.

To help alleviate congestion on the day of the eclipse, April 8, Indianapolis will experience totality where the moon will completely block out the sun. Public safety officials are anticipating heavy traffic and a large number of visitors coming to the city for the event. To ensure everyone’s safety, the Marion County Public Health Department has decided to close all offices and clinics on April 8.

During the open house at the Marion County Public Health Department on April 6, attendees can also receive services such as sports physicals, dental health screenings, blood pressure checks, vaccines for children, and flu and Covid-19 shots. In addition to these services, attendees can also purchase eclipse glasses from various vendors at discounted prices.

For further information about this event or any other health-related matters in Indianapolis, individuals can contact WRTV reporter Vic Ryckaert by email at or on Twitter at @vicryc. It is important to take precautions during this event to protect your eyesight and ensure that you are aware of safe-viewing practices to avoid any potential harm or damage to your eyesight or other parts of your body due to harmful UV radiation exposure during this time of totality in Indianapolis.

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