Prop Bets: Dicing Up the Game for Financial Gain, But At What Cost?

NCAA calls for states to prohibit player prop bets, with support from all other sports.

Prop bets, which are wagers tied to a specific player’s performance in a given game, have become increasingly popular among sports bettors. However, these bets can distort the true spirit of sports and reduce players to mere props in a gambling environment, similar to how dice or cards are used in a casino setting.

In my opinion, prop bets can be easily manipulated by outside influences, such as individuals attempting to influence a player to exit a game early with a fake injury in order to impact the outcome of the bet. This is particularly concerning for college athletes, as the NCAA is working to protect their integrity and encourage states to ban prop bets involving college athletes. NCAA President Charlie Baker has expressed his concern about this issue, emphasizing the need to protect student-athletes and maintain the integrity of the game.

However, it is unlikely that individual prop bets will be banned across all sports, including the NFL. While there are financial implications for both the league and team owners who benefit financially from sports betting through sponsorships and stakes in sportsbook companies, there is still a significant risk associated with these types of bets that could prevent significant changes in the near future. Despite this risk, it seems that many people are willing to take on that risk for financial gain.

Sophia Reynolds

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