Shocking Bridge Collapse: Serious Losses in the Aftermath of Francis Scott Key Bridge Accident

What we know about the collapsed bridge in Baltimore: a scene reminiscent of an action movie

In the early hours of the morning, a dramatic accident occurred on a kilometre-long bridge in Maryland. The Francis Scott Key Bridge, which spans over the Chesapeake Bay, experienced a sudden collapse in its middle section. The incident took place in just twenty seconds and resulted in serious losses for all those involved.

The freighter Dali was traveling near the bridge when it veered off course and caused eight workers and at least seven cars to fall into the cold water below. Despite attempts by the crew to anchor the vessel and alert authorities, the collision was unavoidable due to lack of propulsion and control.

The tragedy has raised questions about the structural integrity of the bridge, especially given its significant span compared to newer bridges. Rescue efforts are ongoing to locate missing workers and retrieve submerged vehicles from the water. The closure of the port of Baltimore for rescue operations has also disrupted industries and businesses reliant on transit through this critical infrastructure.

Efforts are being made to divert shipments and address logistical challenges posed by the bridge collapse. This event serves as a reminder of how vital it is to maintain and upgrade aging infrastructure, as failures like this can have far-reaching consequences for communities, industries, and economies alike.

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