Shopping Stability in Italy: Navigating Economic Challenges and Online Trends

85 percent of Italians purchase online at least monthly

According to a recent report by Idealo, Italian consumers have shown remarkable stability in their purchasing habits for the third consecutive year. Despite economic challenges such as inflation and the energy crisis, the e-commerce sector remains competitive in Italy. In 2023, consumer prices rose by an average of 5.7% compared to the previous year, with notable growth in the food sector of 8.8% and 9.8% respectively.

The study revealed that 85% of Italian digital users make at least one online purchase per month on average, with 24% making weekly purchases. There has been a noticeable shift towards a more conscious and informed approach to online shopping among consumers, with 47% using price comparison tools to access product information and 46% searching for special offers and discounts.

Italy’s online stores are competitive with international players, particularly in the sports and outdoor sector where over 58% of the best offers come from Italian e-shops. Additionally, there is growing interest in second-hand markets, especially among young people who are looking for financially beneficial options. Electronics are among the most sought-after products in this market segment, indicating a trend towards sustainability and cost savings.

The study also provides insights into consumer preferences based on age groups, with electronics being popular among older people aged between 45-55 years old while fashion and accessories are favored by younger people aged between 25-34 years old. This data can help online retailers develop effective sales strategies that cater to different customer segments based on their preferences and buying behavior patterns.

Overall, this report highlights the evolving landscape of e-commerce in Italy and how it continues to adapt to changing consumer behavior patterns driven by economic challenges such as inflation and energy crises. The insights provided by this report can help businesses create effective marketing strategies that leverage price comparison platforms to reach a broader audience while targeting specific customer segments based on their preferences and buying behavior patterns.

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