Sutter Health’s Investment in Workplace Safety: A Response to the Attack on One of its Psychiatrists

California Regulators Probe Sutter Health for Undisclosed Assault on Psychiatry Staff Member

Comsti stresses the importance of workplace violence prevention plans being heavily reliant on the reporting of violent incidents. These reports enable workers to stay informed about any incidents and collaborate with their employers to address areas that require improvement.

Sutter Health has recently invested nearly $40 million in security enhancements for its inpatient psych unit and intensive care unit, following an attack on one of its psychiatrists. Golomb and her colleagues have been advocating for increased safety measures at Sutter Health facilities, including 24/7 security presence in these units to ensure a safe working environment.

A petition signed by over 100 psychiatry residents, fellows, and nurses was recently presented to hospital management by Golomb and her colleagues. The petition outlined demands for enhanced safety measures, such as the purchase of cameras, panic buttons, duress alarms, secure doors, and a security officer patroling the area during the day. Sutter Health has taken these measures seriously and has implemented them to enhance safety in the area where Golomb was attacked.

Following the publication of Golomb’s story on March 8 by KQED, Sutter Health’s president and CEO, Warner Thomas, addressed hospital employees in an email titled “Keeping you safe from harm at work.” In this communication, Thomas emphasized the organization’s commitment to prioritizing employee safety and ensuring a secure work environment.

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