The Shocking Death of Ecuador’s Youngest Mayor: A Tragic Reminder of Political Violence in the Country

The youngest mayor in Ecuador and a collaborator were killed in a shooting

The tragic murder of 27-year-old Brigitte García, who was the youngest mayor in Ecuador until her death, has added to the wave of political violence occurring in the country. The authorities have not yet provided information on the possible motive or perpetrators of the crime, but it is clear that this event has shaken the political community.

García, who belonged to the Citizen Revolution movement led by former president Rafael Correa, took office in May. Her death has sparked outrage and sadness among her colleagues and supporters, with Correa expressing his disbelief and condolences on social media. The Association of Municipalities of Ecuador highlighted the need for better protection measures after at least 35 mayors have been threatened in recent years.

The police commander of Manabí stated that García did not request police protection or have a safety device, which raises questions about the government’s responsibility to ensure their safety. The Ecuadorian government has condemned the murder and promised to do everything possible to find those responsible. However, this event highlights once again the ongoing problem of political violence and insecurity in Ecuador.

This is not an isolated case as other political figures have been targeted by violence in recent years. The president declared a state of emergency due to internal armed conflict after a drug trafficker escaped from a Guayaquil prison leading to a series of violent acts. Despite efforts by authorities, political unrest and insecurity continue to affect both civilians and officials alike.

In conclusion, Garcia’s murder is a tragic reminder that political violence remains a significant issue in Ecuador despite efforts by authorities to combat it. It is essential for leaders at all levels to prioritize security measures and work towards creating an environment where politicians feel safe enough to carry out their duties without fear of reprisal or harm.

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