TikTok Launches Global Youth Council to Promote Safety and Well-Being of Adolescent Users

TikTok introduces Global Youth Council to enhance teen safety on social platform | TECHNOLOGY

TikTok is taking a proactive approach to the safety and well-being of its adolescent users with the launch of its new global Youth Council. The initiative aims to create a safe and inclusive environment on the platform for young people from different countries.

The council, comprised of 15 users aged between 15 and 18, collaborates with online security agency Praesidio Safeguarding to provide insights into creating a safer and more inclusive environment on TikTok. The council represents various communities where TikTok is used and meets regularly to discuss priorities for the year.

TikTok has already implemented several tools that aim to enhance security on the platform. Family Synchronization allows parents to link their accounts with their children’s, allowing them to access privacy settings, apply content filters, and set usage limits. However, there is still much work to be done in enhancing security on the platform, especially for young people who may feel vulnerable when expressing themselves online.

During their meetings, the Youth Council addresses issues such as redesigning the TikTok Youth Portal, improving information about complaints and account blocking, and enhancing educational campaigns to promote media literacy. These initiatives stem from TikTok’s commitment to engage with its users and implement new features that enhance safety and security on the platform.

The launch of the Youth Council follows a global study conducted in collaboration with ConnectSafely involving thousands of adolescents and their guardians. The study revealed that young people need a voice in shaping online platforms, prompting TikTok to create opportunities for collaboration with its users. By working closely with the Youth Council and listening to their feedback, TikTok aims to create a safer and more inclusive environment for all its users.

Initiatives like educational campaigns and media literacy efforts demonstrate TikTok’s commitment to combating misinformation and ensuring a positive experience for young people on the platform. With this new initiative in place, we can expect TikTok to continue working towards creating a safer space for all its users while allowing them to express themselves freely without fear of harm or exploitation.

In conclusion, TikTok’s global Youth Council is an exciting development aimed at promoting safety and well-being among adolescents using the platform. The council brings together voices from different countries to address issues such as redesigning the youth portal, improving information about complaints

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