Transforming Research into Communication: The Kenyon Journal of Neuroscience Empowers Students to Simplify Complex Concepts

Kenyon’s Science Journal promotes effective communication within scientific community

The Kenyon Journal of Neuroscience, now in its eighth year, is a valuable resource for advanced students in the field. Founded by Professor Hewlet McFarlane, the journal aims to promote effective communication of scientific research to the general public.

During the senior seminar, students are tasked with writing a National Science Foundation grant proposal and a Scientific American-style article that simplifies complex concepts for a broader audience. These articles typically range from 3,500 to 4,000 words long and require close collaboration with a production team that includes library staff for editing, fact-checking, and layout.

One student who has benefited greatly from the project is Dani Buch ’24. For Buch, being part of the journal has been a transformative experience, allowing him to explore and deepen his interest in neuroscience while learning how to communicate his findings effectively to a wider audience.

According to McFarlane, one of the most important aspects of the project is its focus on clear science communication without relying on technical jargon. Developing strong writing skills is essential for success in any career, and effective communication is a key component of the science division’s curriculum.

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