Unintended Consequences: How Electric Vehicle Subsidies in the U.S. Affect Trade and Competition on a Global Scale

China plans to challenge Biden’s electric vehicle initiatives at the World Trade Organization

The United States has been hit with a complaint from China at the World Trade Organization over discriminatory requirements for electric vehicle subsidies. The complaint was filed in response to a new rule that came into effect on January 1st, which states that electric car buyers are not eligible for tax credits ranging from $3,750 to $7,500 if certain battery components were made by companies from China, Russia, North Korea or Iran. These tax credits were part of President Joe Biden’s 2022 Inflation Reduction Act aimed at addressing climate change.

The Chinese Commerce Ministry did not provide any details about the reasons behind the complaint but stated that the U.S. had developed discriminatory subsidy policies for new energy vehicles under the act, which excluded Chinese products. This move is seen as distorting fair competition and disrupting the global supply chain for electric vehicles. Member countries of the WTO can file complaints regarding trade practices and seek resolution through a dispute settlement process.

The outcome of the case remains uncertain due to the WTO’s Appellate Body being non-functional since 2019 due to U.S blocking the appointment of new judges. China, a major player in electric vehicle batteries and technology, has been rapidly expanding its auto industry, posing a potential challenge to established carmakers worldwide. The European Union has also expressed concern by launching an investigation into Chinese subsidies for electric vehicles.

With this new U.S rule, only a limited number of electric vehicles are eligible for tax credits which has led automakers to source components to meet the requirements leading to decrease in number of eligible EV models in U.S market raising concerns within industry about maintaining competitiveness and access to subsidies.

In conclusion, this incident highlights how trade policies can have far-reaching consequences on industries worldwide and how important it is for nations to engage in constructive dialogue when it comes to trade practices

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