Urgent need for sustainability: Futurologist Martin Kruse urges individuals to take action at Future Tense conference

The Climate’s Future According to Futurologist Kruse: Expect Radical Changes and Tougher Lives for Our Children

Martin Kruse, a futurologist, discussed the importance of sustainability and the significant changes happening in the world at the Future Tense conference. He emphasized that while it is relatively easy for individuals to become more sustainable, making significant changes such as giving up meat consumption and car usage may require sacrificing familiar habits.

Kruse highlighted the existing mismatch between consumers, regulatory frameworks, and companies in promoting sustainability. He urged individuals to consider making changes now rather than being forced to do so in the face of inevitable environmental challenges.

The impact of current global issues like the pandemic, geopolitical instabilities, and changing consumer expectations on supply chains was also discussed. Kruse pointed out the need for a cultural shift towards valuing resources and adopting a more sustainable lifestyle akin to previous generations. He highlighted upcoming regulations like the EU’s CBAM mechanism and emphasized the need for global cooperation in addressing environmental challenges.

Kruse emphasized the urgency of addressing climate change and the future repercussions it may have on the next generation. He underscored the importance of empathy and foresight in considering the impact of current actions on future generations. Kruse acknowledged

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