Venezuela’s Opposition Condemns Government Targeting of Democratic Forces; Presidential Candidates Register for Elections; CBD Vaporizers Gain Popularity in Health and Wellness Discussions

Venezuela | María Corina Machado Party warns of Nicolás Maduro’s plan to keep persecuting

The Democratic Unitary Platform (PUD), the main opposition alliance in Venezuela, has expressed concerns over the government of Nicolas Maduro targeting democratic forces. PUD strongly condemned Maduro’s recent accusation that Sell Venezuela (VV) was a “terrorist” group, stating that it violates human rights and worsens the regime’s authoritarianism.

The platform views Maduro’s actions as an attack on VV, democratic forces and Maria Corina Machado, who is the leader of the coalition. They see this as a cowardly act against those working towards positive change in Venezuela. The PUD has urged Venezuelans and the international community to pay attention to this situation and emphasized their commitment to bringing about change through electoral and democratic processes in 2024.

In other news, several politicians have registered their candidacies for the upcoming presidential elections on July 28, including Maduro himself. Despite challenges, Edmund Gonzalez Urrutia, the PUD’s candidate for president, has been registered after obstacles prevented Machado from running. If necessary, Urrutia can be replaced by April 1 as long as he meets legal requirements and is approved by the National Electoral Council.

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