Vienna’s Neu-Marx District: Where Sustainability Meets Entertainment

Living space and student dorms available in the newly developed neighborhood of St. Marx

In the third district of Vienna, a new development project is taking shape on the site of the former Vienna slaughterhouse. Called Neu-Marx, this district is expected to become a hub for cultural and sporting events with its key feature being the Arena, a multi-purpose hall. The surrounding area is also witnessing significant growth, with several new buildings under construction by Raiffeisen Property Holding International (RPHI) in Karl-Farkas-Gasse.

The residential building Anton, completed in 2018 with 73 apartments, was designed by Burtscher ZT with a focus on greenery and open spaces between buildings. RPHI’s CEO, Karl-Maria Pfeffer, emphasizes their goal of operating the buildings as environmentally friendly and efficiently as possible. To achieve this goal, the new buildings feature photovoltaic systems, groundwater use, heat pumps, component activation, and water-saving measures.

In addition to Anton, RPHI has also started construction on a nine-story student dormitory with 418 single and double rooms and 40 serviced apartments. This fully furnished building will provide residents with access to fitness facilities, music rooms, multi-purpose rooms and a terrace. Completion of this building is scheduled for autumn to coincide with the finals of the European Handball Championships in Vienna.

Another significant development is the European Handball House that will be the home of European handball associations and will employ 120 employees from 25 countries. The completion date for this building is also set for autumn. All these developments are designed to be sustainable and efficient while integrating modern technologies and green initiatives in their construction and operation.

Overall, Neu-Marx promises to be an exciting new addition to Vienna’s third district with its focus on sustainability and efficiency while providing residents with state-of-the-art amenities.

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