Young Skin at Risk: The Dangers of Inappropriate Skin Care Products and Age Limits in Sweden

Young People from Stockholm Comment on Age Limits for Skin Care Products in Swedish Pharmacies

In March 2020, Swedish pharmacy chains implemented age limits for certain skin care products in response to growing concerns about young people using products that may not be suitable for their skin. Despite these restrictions, young people have found ways to purchase these products. Dermatologists in Sweden are worried about the potential increase in chronic skin issues among young people due to the use of inappropriate skin care products.

Apoteket Hjärtat set an age limit of 15 years for some of their skin care products, while Apotek followed suit by setting age limits for their products. The popularity of skin care products among young people was evident when Lyko opened a new store and attracted a large number of teenage customers. While some young individuals believe that everyone should have the right to use skin care products, others think that age limits can prevent young people from using products that may harm their skin in the long run.

Experts interviewed by Swedish Television (SVT) expressed concerns about the potential effects of strong skin care products on young skin. These products often contain perfumes, preservatives, and other chemicals that can be harsh on young skin and lead to chronic skin issues. Apoteket Hjärtat specifically set age limits for products containing acids and enzymes that may be harmful to young skin.

Setting age limits on skin care products is seen as a way to prevent young people from using products that may not be suitable for their skin. However, it is also important to educate young individuals and their parents about the potential risks of using strong skin care products. While the beauty product market continues to grow rapidly, it is crucial for both retailers and consumers to be informed about the effects of these products on young skin.

Dermatologists warn against using harsh chemicals or strong skincare treatments at an early age as they can cause long-term damage such as premature aging or even cancer in later life.

Age limitations could also limit consumer choices and make it harder for them to find what works best for them, which could lead them to experiment with potentially harmful ingredients or treatments.

In conclusion, while setting age limits on certain skincare products is a necessary step in protecting young people’s delicate skin, it’s essential not only to regulate but also educate consumers about what ingredients are safe and effective before using any product.

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